VALORANT 'Pay Respects' Promotion FAQ


What is the code & the game platform?

  • Code:  'Pay Respects' Gun Buddy Content for VALORANT. Please note this is additional content that requires a Valorant/Riot Account in order to redeem.
  • Platform: VALORANT, Riot Client (PC only).


What is the 'Pay Respects' Gun Buddy?

  • The 'Pay Respects' Gun Buddy is an accessory you can attach to your gun in-game. 


    Who can redeem this code?


      How to redeem the code?


      Does the code have an expiration date?

      • The 'Pay Respects' VALORANT Gun Buddy code expires on 05/03/2023 so you need to redeem it before that date in order to be able to enjoy it.


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