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Location: Seoul, Seoul Capital Area, Republic of Korea
Platform: PC
Favourite Games: League of Legends


When he began high school life, Kim Hyuk-gyu was not enjoying himself much. However, much like most young people finding their way in life, high school helped him discover that he possessed a previously unknown talent…gaming. As word of his skill grew, so did his circle of friends, and as his circle grew, so did his reputation and his overall enjoyment with life.

Before long, the man now known as Deft began to attract the attention of pro teams with his skill. In 2013 he was signed by team MVP Blue and they won the OGN Club Masters. Life was different for Deft now. There were concrete goals in front of him, and he was driven to accomplish them. By 2014 he had earned a reputation as being one of the top players in the world, a reputation that was cemented by an astonishing run of 7 straight victories with EDG, including their victory at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

Now as a veteran in the ultra-competitive world of League of Legends, Deft has taken on a new role, the elder statesman of his new team, DRX. Together with DRX, Deft is creating new history. He’s recorded 1,500 kills in League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) and he is the only player in history to tally 1,000 kills in both the LCK and LPL. Deft now has his sights set on the greatest achievement for a League player, winning Worlds.

When you’re trying to perform at the highest levels on the biggest stage, it’s important that you’re able to rely upon your skills, your teammates, and your gear. As one of the best to ever play LoL, Kim "Deft" Hyuk-gyu knows the value of equipping yourself with good gear, and that’s why he uses HyperX. In a game that relies upon teamwork and communication, Deft trusts his ultra-comfortable HyperX headset to ensure that everyone’s moves are coordinated and effective.

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