HyperX Shield – Pop Filter


  • "Standalone Universal Pop Filter"
  • "Flexible Gooseneck Mount"
  • "Toolless Mounting to Most Microphones or Stands"
  • "Compatible With Most HyperX Shock Mounts"
Select colour: Black
SKU: 6X256AA

Clean up your recording.

If you’re a streamer, content creator, or aspiring voiceover artist, the HyperX Shield Microphone Pop Filter will help clean up your audio and improve your recordings. This useful microphone accessory can help filter out those plosive puffs of air that result from p sounds. It features a universal clamp and a flexible silicone gooseneck that easily attaches to most microphone setups. For HyperX QuadCast, QuadCast S, and ProCast owners, it’s even easier, simply detach the gooseneck, and directly attach the filter to the shock mount.

Standalone Universal Pop Filter

Flexible Gooseneck Mount

Toolless Mounting to Most Microphones or Stands

Compatible With Most HyperX Shock Mounts

Standalone Universal Pop Filter
Defend your microphone from plosive sounds and improve your recording quality. The HyperX Shield’s corrosion-resistant metal mesh filter is also durable and easy to clean.
Flexible Gooseneck Mount
The 13.5in (350mm) flexible gooseneck mount allows you to adjust the Shield into an optimal position, which it easily holds. It features a silicone surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
Toolless Mounting to Most Microphones or Stands
With its rubber-padded c-clamp, the adaptable HyperX Shield can be easily attached to most mics or stands, without metal-to-metal contact.
Compatible with Most HyperX Shock Mounts
The HyperX Shield mounts seamlessly to the shock mount found on the HyperX QuadCast and ProCast microphone families.